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Hello there! Is anyone out there, somewhere? I sure hope so…

Anyway! Like I said, I need your help. Recently, I won a very small battle with my insurance company. See, I’ve been working all summer to try and get a surgery covered that will drastically alter my quality of life. As a transgender person, my day to day life consists of battling dysphoria and trying to keep myself afloat. I’ve been physically transitioning for nearly one year, as I’ve been taking hormones and going to therapy in order to alleviate some of my dysphoria and subsequent depression. Rejoice, for this has been really helpful, but at the same time, some parts of my dysphoria have worsened.

So my next step is reconstructive chest surgery, and my insurance company is partially covering this procedure. They’ve quoted me $2000 out of pocket, and I think I can get there with a little help. Please, if you can’t donate, reblog this post or share the page in whatever way you can. All I ask is for some visibility, and hopefully some of y’all can help out. I know money is tight for everyone, especially young people like myself, and even more so for the transgender community. 

Thanks for your time.

Hi followers! So this is from my transition blog, I’m putting it here for more visibility. 

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for your time!

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keep feeding your soul
try everything once
dye hair
chop it off
grow it out
try new clothes
try new makeup
try new routines
dance naked
don’t give a damn
do what you need
stop being lazy
learn to be ambitious
do/be better at what you’re lacking
feed your body
feed your mind
go to school
go back to school
say no
say yes
make friends
make enemies
make peace
make love
french kiss
say I love you
to who you need to say it to
and to yourself
keep fighting
keep loving
keep shouting
you will win
you are already winning

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I have a piece up on Streets Magazine! Thank you Streets!

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Is doing the best with what you’ve got enough?

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Desert hiking in Santa Fe! Returned haunted skull I bought two years ago to its home.

Desert hiking in Santa Fe! Returned haunted skull I bought two years ago to its home.

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My whole life I have wanted to be someone else, so just let me be me now. Let me feel beautiful when I feel beautiful.

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The Front Bottoms! Felt 16 again at the show, except….I could drink.

The Front Bottoms! Felt 16 again at the show, except….I could drink.

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cut all hair off to grow it.

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Tell fear to fuck off. #dowhatyouneed #selflove #youcandoanything

Tell fear to fuck off. #dowhatyouneed #selflove #youcandoanything

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"You are a possibility that has never occured before and will never occur again. No one else has had or will ever have your unique combination of talents, experiences and dreams. So don’t waste that uniqueness."
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health fight health fight round 100000000000

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I’m promising myself that after today I will stop being a bum.

hahahahah. but no really, it’s time to shape up, at least a little. 

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